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Italian School of Fashion Crafts

ISFC offers fashion craft workshops held by Emanuela Ceccarini in knitting, crochet, embroidery with crystals, macramé, cross stitching, mending, lace-making, bead threading and lace.
Emanuela Ceccarini’s creative language starts from her childhood in the ancient town of Verucchio in northern Italy, cradle of the noble renaissance family Malatesta, where she mastered the original textile handicraft skills of the Pauline nuns. Her work is the result of a unique personal research that mixes traditional tecniques with contemporary narratives, production technologies and materials, and modern business strategies.

The workshops, each of one or two 3-hour lessons are for those who have little time and want to have fun:
• creating personal and unique fashion items with their own hands
• creating products that can be sold (microentrepreneurship)
• saving on shopping
• relaxing among friends with the same passion

Emanuela designed these workshops after 30 years of experience in the international fashion world as creative director of Rosamunda, personally experimenting the different techniques with both classical and innovative materials.
The workshops with Emanuela are held in a countryside estate in Rimini and are delighted by tea and homemade goodies made from the organic pickings of her family farm. Nice weather allowing, classes will be held in the garden singing of donkeys, birds, and frogs.

The materials and tools are included in the registration fee and from every workshop you will leave with a finished product.

FaceBook: Emanuela Ceccarini Fashion Crafter

Phone: 0039 335 563 1447
FaceBook: Emanuela Ceccarini Fashion Crafter